Sunday, September 7, 2014

To work as a medium, channeling characters and stories, is to immerse yourself in a “show” that is being performed by some thing other than yourself, to acknowledge that there’s no way of entering a story other than surrendering to it, and allowing it to enter you. When when this happens, the usual demarcations that separate the dreamer from the dream are erased. In jettisoning the ego-centric “self that creates”, we surrender our need to manipulate and judge, and allow ourselves to be told by the story that is continually becoming present, not-yet.
Billy Marshall Stoneking


HammerGruvin1 said...

We must remember that a myth is a living entity, and exist within every person. You will get the true, living form of the myth if you can see it as it spins away inside yourself. The most rewarding logical experience you can have is to see how it lives in your own psychological structure. Robert A. Johnson

Billy Marshall Stoneking said...

Which involves essence, and one's source. There is a connectedness that must not be ignored - the tribal circumstances that go into the making of every character. All dramatic storytelling is essentially tribal storytelling. For more on this, see