Friday, March 27, 2015

You can't be a constructive artist or a potent storyteller unless you care. You have to care, you have to care for the characters and what happens or might happen to them, you have to care about the audience and the world that you share. This is what makes good dramatic writing so difficult, because it's not terribly cool or hip or filthy to care. We live in a situation of irony in which, for many of of us, caring seems like it will only make things worse, it’ll just be another thing to worry about. It’s less painful if you don’t care. Storytellers are society's only really antidote to this common garden-brand psychosis. - Billy Marshall Stoneking

Monday, March 23, 2015

Every dramatic story that matters starts and ends with the characters. Writing the story is a focused and meditative process of entering into the most profound relationships with the characters in the story. It is the journey a writer makes in his/her quest to love the characters. What does it mean to LOVE your characters? It means that they become the object of your ultimate concern, that their presence is manifest and noted, that their views are known and respected, that their weaknesses and fears and failings are treated with understanding and empathy, and that their needs are listened to and acted upon with some degree of indulgence. Under such profound care, how could a character not flourish?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GAYBY BABY - Official Trailer (2015)


Hey Gayby family,

We are proud and excited to announce that your film, Gayby Baby, will be having its World Premiere at Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto, Canada this April!

Hot Docs is one of the most prestigious documentary festivals in the world and we couldn’t have asked for a better birth place for this little Gayby.

And the announcements keep coming as today, we also launch the Official Gayby Baby Trailer. We hope you like it!

Once more we ask for your help to SHARE SHARE SHARE - it can be hard for a little film like this to cut through, so if you are able to encourage your networks to check it out and sign up to our mailing list this would be a great help.  Let’s see if we can make it go viral!

Here is the link to share: