Sunday, June 1, 2014

Writing a screenplay starts out as a seeking. We seek the characters and their problems, their inner and outer needs, their relationships and fears and the threats and risks that their actions give rise to. And then, after a while, it starts becoming clear that the problems and needs and fears that we’ve been seeking are in us, and that what we are involved in is no longer simply a seeking but a deeply emotional and logical inner exploration, an uncovering of what was there all along but which we had for whatever reason chosen to ignore. The light at the end of the tunnel is ourselves and there is no tunnel. We are the story that is getting ourself told, and it is the story that is writing us just as much as we are writing it, which is always perfect at every stage of the process, so long as you are IN the process, and not gawking at it like some miserable spectator.” 
—  Billy Marshall Stoneking

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