Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We often feel singularly vulnerable whenever we put our script, or our poetry, or a song that we have written, out there - for the world - hanging our sense of worth and realness on the opinions of others, opinions that are often mired in the insecurities and vulnerabilities of others that wittingly or unwittingly make themselves feel big by making others feel small. Most of us are already our worst critic, so any outside negativity only fans the flames of self-doubt. Better to cultivate clarity and self-discipline in your assessment of what you do creatively. It is of the highest importance, this facility for seeing your work wholly, and understanding from whence it has sprung and why its origins are emotionally meaningful to you. Develop your own standards (tastes) and work to them. The public will resurrect you one day, and then hang you the next - treat their criticisms as well as their compliments with equal amounts of inspired distrust.

- Billy Marshall Stoneking

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