Monday, June 20, 2016


TEST DRIVE the Sydney Screenwriters' Studio FOR FREE!

As a special introductory offer, S.I.F.A. (Sydney Institute Film Academy, Randwick TAFE) is offering prospective candidates to the year-long Screenwriters' Script Development Studio a chance to "test-drive" the program by attending a ten-week workshop conducted by writer / producer Billy Marshall Stoneking (Gayby Baby), AT NO COST!

At the conclusion of the ten-weeks, participants - at their discretion - will be elegible to enrol for a further 12 months at a nominal cost, which also includes participation in productions as well as workshops in directing, producing, editing, and design.

The 10-week session is limited to 20 participants. First come / first served. Interested parties are invited to send their names and contact details to Anthony at

or call / msg Billy Marshall Stoneking for more details on 0437 864 487

FREE WORKSHOP COMMENCES   Monday, 5th September at 10 am, and meets every Monday for ten weeks.

Location: Randwick TAFE, Level 1, Rm 122, Randwick NSW AUSTRALIA - HURRY!

CHECK OUT THE PRODUCTION STREAM - S.I.F.A. offers students on-the-job learning with opportunities to work on feature dramas, feature documentaries and TV drama and comedy series, including Reality TV shows.   

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