Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Writing is more auditory than anyone who is not a writer thinks. It is all about hearing voices, and discriminating between voices. The voice is the embodiment of the emotions, especially when one is working with characters - it comes from the mouths of the characters and enters through the ears of the writer, like music. Any screenwriter worth a damn understands this, because this is how the writing happens, this is the basis of the writer’s relationship with the characters - VOICES.

In a world that prizes silence as much as this one does, in a world that doesn’t fully comprehend the presence and involvement of disembodied voices in the creative process, such a notion is pure madness. However, if the writer is to break through s/he must eschew the likely ridicule of closed minds and fearful attitudes, and claim all the voices that inhabit the story that is trying to get itself born.

- Billy Marshall Stoneking

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