Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"This is not just a speech or a story, it is the most majestic kind of poetry. She is so passionate, so intense about everything she feels. I cried and laughed and felt all of life crumble and piece back together in these 80-odd minutes."

An unusual autobiographical documentary that lifts the lid on the mysterious life of Christina Conrad - painter, poet, sculptor & film-maker - whose life-long struggle with convention, prejudice, injustice and the art world's respectability, reminds us of our own personal dramas and the hidden strengths with which we confront and survive the risks and hazards of a world that is working overtime to make everyone the same. As Conrad unwraps the hidden personalities of her inner landscape, she gives her voice to the voiceless, to those that created in secret and died of of neglect. Here is a story so personal, so exact in its examination of one human's life it is capable of speaking to and on behalf of the lives of human beings everywhere.

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