Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The sooner a writer realizes that s/he is not in control the better. A writer's job is not to rule like some grand puppeteer pulling the strings of the characters, but to free them, and in so doing, to liberate him/herself from the tyranny of proprietorship. As the writer relinquishes control, s/he begins to see that the written story's fundamental purpose is to inspire vision, and bring about the birth of the story that is directed, which in its way inspires the illumination of the edit and sound design, thus bringing about the incarnation of the story that is eventually transformed into the audience's experience of it. Understanding the inherent generosity of this process is crucial to grasping the most important insight of all - namely that there is nothing to own, that the art of the invisible - i.e.: screen storytelling - is about getting out of the way.

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