Tuesday, May 28, 2013


People choose the wrong things to be afraid of, or are afraid of them in the wrong way. Writers especially. The wisest ones deal with the fears they can work with, not the ones that lie beyond the scope of their powers. You can’t do anything about public opinion, funding bodies, critics or agents, for example. Give ‘em enough rope and you just might hang yourself. Choose your fears carefully, learn how they work, and how you can work with them. They are transformable into the life blood of anything you have a mind to put your heart to. Is there a risk? Absolutely. Without risk there would be no point. How can there be any possibility of self-alteration, unless something enormous is at stake? I’m talking life-and-death here. Drama is all about life & death and finding your fear, then coming up with a character who’s prepared to do something about it, who’s prepared to fight and find some kind of salvation for that fear. That’s the story. If your audience recognizes their own fears and their own self-designed salvation in what you’re doing, a relationship will be forged. 


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