Friday, October 5, 2012

FACEBOOK TRYST with screenwriting student, Vajra Krishna


Here's an excerpt from a recent online conversation with a former screenwriting student and friend of mine, currently residing in India, Vajra Krishna

When I first met you, I said to you, before even coming to your course... that I had a lot of experience with screenwriting teachers, and listed what I had learnt... you said, "Just come, and be open."
I did that.
I let go of everything I believed.
when I sat in front of you.
I opened myself to knowing NOTHING
in front of you
to absorb your wisdom as NEW

You were carrying some baggage for the trip

And you broke it down. And I went with it.

i remember... 
and waiting for some cosmic train
you had booked yourself in to a sleeper as i recall
it was a single
and look as you did, you could find no legitmate conductor
so you put the bags on the train yourself
and eased down into your seat

Before I met you, I was excellent at the narrative... yet during the first course, you pointed out that I was offering everything BUT the narrative....  
And at that point, I was so open that 
I didn't accept any definition of the narrative 
except for HOW YOU defined it!

You didnt even have a ticket
i admired you for that
travelling without papers furthers the artist in you
and you went all the way to....
that great wasteland...


that is the world's backyard

It is.
I was drawn here. I couldn't help it.

I have always known its smells
they have been with me from birth

I know what you mean!
Being with you from birth! Ah, that is the most beautiful, and MOST ACCURATE description
of the smells of India!

Vajra Krishna


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