Sunday, February 20, 2011

TWO - A Documentary Film by Maya Newell


"The Child is father to the Man."

Julian spends a weekend in an adult baby nursery to celebrate his 2nd birthday (for the 46th time). This is an expose of a secret personal world of adult babies, with the focus on an eccentric middle aged British man with a furry fetish, who is locked into a continual state of wanting to be a two year-old girl. Pampered by a consenting nanny, it's a world of fantasies, role playing, dress-ups, imaginary friends, auto-generated personae, and regressive excursions into a victimless human pseudophilia where the object of desire is the younger internalised version of the same self, and a nostalgia for original love.

PRODUCER: Maya Newell


Maya Newell’s film Lacuna won Best Fiction at the Robin Anderson film awards in 2005 and was selected for the NSW Young Writers’ Fellowship. She graduated from Sydney Film School, where she was the recipient of the 2006 Robin Anderson Scholarship. Her documentary, Richard: The Most Interestingest Person I’ve Ever Met was selected for the Marché du film at Cannes 2007 and was the winner of Best Director for Documentary at the Asian First Film Festival. In 2009, Maya graduated from University of Technology Sydney/University of Westminster, London. During the past year, she has been working in London at Firecracker Films and as an assistant director Canadian filmmaker, Yung Chang.

Maya Newell wins Outstanding New Documentary Talent at AIDC

[Mon 07/03/2011 10:12:18]
By Amanda Diaz

Maya Newell has taken out the 2011 F4 Award for Outstanding New Documentary Talent for her documentary Two.

The award was presented by Australian International Documentary Conference director Joost den Hartog on the closing night of the Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival.

Two was one of the four finalists selected from around 80 entries from up and coming documentary filmmakers. The film focuses on a middle-aged British man with a furry fetish living in an adult nursery outside of London.

According to F4 Jury President Gil Scrine the decision to award the prize to Two was unanimous.

"It was closely observed yet discreet and powerful in its simple depiction of this quite bizarre and little known corner of the human condition," he said.

The documentary won the Audience Choice Award at last year's Sydney Underground Film Festival.

Newell is best known for her award-winning 2006 film Richard: The Most Interestingest Person I've Ever Met

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