Friday, January 14, 2011

O R I G I N S - a tribal experience for filmmakers & actors

ORIGINS has been designed for people who want to explore the creative vision of character-based storytelling in a workshop for writers, directors, actors, consultants, producers, script editors, copywriters and others desiring to discover the ways in which their 'tribal' connections impact on and influence the stories that ARE their lives.

This is not a step-by-step 'how to' guide to writing but rather a unique and illuminating approach to developing confidence and self-awareness, especially an awareness of those stories that you have in you to tell, that make you YOU!

Through a series of interactive, learner-centred experiences, participants will discover how their life experiences inform their creative lives, and vice versa. In the process, they will become better acquainted with the inner characters and stories that are wanting to be expressed or played out creatively.

At the conclusion of the first two weekends, participants will make a short film (no longer than 5 minutes) which dramatises one of their 'Tribal Identities'. The film may be of any genre, including documentary, with the emphasis on content rather than than slick production values. These films will be screened at a final meeting, approximately four weeks after the conclusion of the final weekend session.

Areas covered:
- The art of creating a character
- Actors as mediums
- The grammar of dramatic scenes
- Fundamental dramatic relationships necessary for finding and effectively building and releasing emotional energy
- Constructive management and uses of fear in the finding and projection of character
- Strategies for exploring the outer and inner journeys of all the characters relevant to the presentation of a meaningful story
- The ORIGINAL voice

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