Wednesday, November 17, 2010

THE DRAMA OF SCREENWRITING - the legendary character workshop for screen storytellers

returns to AFTRS

The legendary screen storytelling workshop devised by Billy Marshall Stoneking will return to AFTRS in 2011. For both experienced and beginning filmmakers, this workshop offers unique opportunity to discover and apply to one's work the grammar of dramatic screen storytelling as it is expressed in MEDIUMISTIC, Character-driven drama.

Powerful and believable characters are essential to the life of any screenplay, and the screenwriter’s relationship with character is the primary relationship in the dramatic enterprise of “finding the story“. Since 2001, screenwriters, directors, producers, editors, designers and actors, have been influenced and inspired by the unforgettable experience of dramatic storytelling that Billy Marshall Stoneking’s now legendary character workshop offers its participants. This is neither McKee warmed up nor Syd Field in paraphrase, but a totally unique take on screen story-finding that will change the way you connect with your characters, and they connect with each other.

THE DRAMA OF SCREENWRITING has started many a filmmaker on the road to creating and developing award-winning and critically acclaimed short films, features and documentaries. Participants have described this workshop as:

‘A must do course for the brave. To uncover in yourself the courage to write from the core’

‘I loved the course. It was inspirational and went to great depths on screenwriting’

Students will come face-to-face with the living, emotional energy that is the basis of effective, cinematic, character-based dramatic storytelling. The workshop itself becomes a story in which the participant encounters and interacts with dramatic characters and situations that they have created.

ONLINE NOW to ensure your place in this extraodinary, life and career changing 4 days. ‘A must do course for the brave. To uncover in yourself the courage to write from the core.’



Luvvie said...

Hey Billy

I had occasion to quote you on Sunday night after seeing Sofia Coppola's latest film Somewhere. I think we must be in the middle of a slow cinema phase - you know, a bit like slow cooking.

I think it was you who said that drama is life with the boring bits cut that right? W

ell, for me, Somewhere, was all the boring bits left in!! I normally love Sofia's work - well Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation - but unfortunately not this latest work. Though the little girl was fantastic - Elle Fanning (Dakota's little sister I think) - she's the next Jodie Foster I reckon. There were some great moments but not enough to sustain interest.

Anonymous said...

No, that's not me. I think it was Hitchcock who said that. But I don't mind. Havent seen the latest Coppola film... I liked Lost in Translation, even tho it had a big hole in the middle of it - Murray managed to camoflauge it pretty well. At the very least she's a better director than an actor (remember Godfather LLL? No? Lucky)