Thursday, September 2, 2010


A script is NOT a read; it's a re-read. The art of reading of script is a creative act. It is an active art.

One reads a script in order to EXPERIENCE the characters and their world. It is as much an aural experience as it is a visual one, maybe more so. To read effectively is to hear and see the characters in their immediacy, and to always remain open and sensitive not only to what they do and say but what is implied by what they do and say. When one reads from "inside the story world", rather than as an unwilling or gawking spectator, one intersects and interacts with the characters at approximately the same emotional depth at which they are operating. We read a script in order to uncover the TRUTH of the actions that comprise the story.

We are not looking for OUR truths, or the truths that we believe our society or the imagined society of the writer is trying to uphold.

We are looking for the truth of the script… the sum of those almost indecipherable moments of grace by which the story becomes more than the sum of its parts.

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